The Collards and The Goat

Adventurers Extraordinaire


Hello and welcome to the Collard Family’s blog! We are striving to replace the Book of Face because it is inherently evil. Our family has 6 members: Kim and Joey (questionably referred to as the Adults,) Adia, Odin and Kaelen (who believe they are the true Bosses,) and the fur kid Allie (who doesn’t care about hierarchy as long as she gets a copious amount of belly rubs).

This blog serves to record our transition from renters to nomadic RV drivers, our homeschool adventures, and other such levels of awesome. We know we will be living in our RV full-time for at least a couple years, and after that, who knows. We have yet to find a location that screams Live here until you die because it is perfect!

To learn more, check out the About Us page, and surf the site to see all our posts. Enjoy!


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